The Women Behind the Glass

With over 10+ years of experience in the framing, fundraising & memorabilia industry, these women were determined to raise the bar for professional framing, quality collectibles of sports & entertainment and outstanding service. They know their stuff and have a passion for framing just about anything you can think of. From their auction item program - providing high quality items for your special event, to the free consultations to help you find the perfect framing option for that piece of art in storage or a rare autographed photo you personally got at a memorable home game. Whatever the occasion may be, the expert framers at our Hayward, California location can masterfully create a display of meaningful memories Behind the Glass!

We remain thankful to you, our customers. We are honored to be "hanging" around. 

Alicia Taylor

Founder / Framing Artisan



Vickie Vance

Expert Framing Artisan